Saturday, August 14, 2010

p. 30 Nation of Bastards Farrow

"This is not Bolshevism at work. It is not even Foucaultism at work. It is capitalism at work, reaping in its decadent phase what it sowed in the day of its ascetic youth, when for the sake of profit it learned to manipulate the family and to regard children as objects and or even obstacles. It is what Chesterton called 'the living exultant energy of the rich, resolved to enjoy themselves at last, with neither Popery nor Puritanism nor Socialism to hold them back.' It is what Gandhi called 'the strong wine of libertinism' that has intoxicated the West."

"Yet there is something more going on here than a decadent, libertine capitalism can account for, even one that is greedily trying to digest various indigestible bits of mutated Marxism."

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