Tuesday, August 10, 2010

p. 18 Fellow Teachers, Rieff

"Our higher schools have the burden of teaching the art of critical interpretation; but they cannot, at the same time, serve as bases for thrusts of power against established authority...The arts of criticism can remain true only when they are unarmed...As the Marxist case demonstrates, even the highest criticism, armed, will defend its own establishment soon enough and prevent mind from entering those interior spaces opened and shaped by our continuous interpretative sciences...Our schools must be powerless institutions of the political orders in which they exist; otherwise, they cannot be schools...The relation between political power and pedagogic authority can never be simple and direct without becoming brutal, inartistic."

."..True criticism is never armed. Marxism lost in truth what it gained in power when it gained power over the Russians."

Personal note: relate to Matthew 22:17-22

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